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23 Jun 2009

But this is the new arena of censorship in the 21st century, a world where cellphone cameras, Twitter accounts and all the trappings of the World Wide Web have changed the ancient calculus of how much power governments actually have to sequester their nations from the eyes of the world and make it difficult for their own people to gather, dissent and rebel. (nytimes)

Something for China, Myanmar, and other Internet-restricting countries to think about. Just as Stuart Franklin smuggled out a film roll of Tank Man at Tiananmen in a packet of tea, so did the man who videotaped Neda Agha-Soltan’s death find a way to show a horrifying image of the Basij’s violence to the world beyond Iran’s boxed-in walls. High school always wanted to teach me that technology would be the end of us, but Twitter, Flickr, Facebook, and blogs suggest otherwise.


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