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3 Jun 2009

20 years, and we still don’t want to rock the boat. with china’s economic boom, the student demographic is too satisfied and apathetic to even consider the issue. and they’re now provided with a slew of technological comforts that perpetuate such stagnancy (first foreign-imported, then soon after, cheaply replicated in efficient mainland fashion)–online gaming, cellphone texting, streaming TV on youku and tudou. but who am i to say what’s the right course of action in this case–are today’s web-savvy youth, as the AP puts it, “shallow” or, in fact, “shrewd”? …

walking through times square yesterday, i saw people camped beneath a tent, resisting scents of curry fishballs and siu mai as they embarked on a 64-hour hunger strike, in memory of june 4th’s political spirit. the maddest of props, i thought. so the spirit is still around. honest democratic representation, increased anti-corruption measures, open political discourse, they said. soon, they said. and the mere fact that the incident was glossed over by china is ridiculous–the most overt example of censorship. still many things that need to get better.

i really have the faintest idea about this whole incident, though. going to head to victoria park tomorrow night–come by, everyone.

oh, and don’t tell grandma.

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  1. 6 Jul 2009 8:47 PM

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